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And so it begins

The project has finally been green lighted, we're off and running.

Completed the road map tonight, so all the dates for deliveries are set, which is nice 'cause we know how much time before we have to panic.

The project has grown ( They never seem to shrink do they ? ) but because of the delay in getting the concept signed off it's going to be split into 3 distinct phases for release ( It was two previously ).
It's good in many ways, it means the quality won't suffer because of trying to cram too much stuff in before the deadline ( Which is set in stone, it's got to coincide with something, and there's no moving it ), and I've done my share of episodic games, it's always proved to be a nice way to work when you're dealing with a lot of different games.

As to the code, the "controller" movie's development has already begun. Doesn't do a great deal atm, loads in a bit of xml, displays some buttons and not much else. The start of a project is always slow where you're arranging classes and spending as much time thinking as coding to ensure you don't code yourself into a corner.
One aspect of this project is that it's got to be translatable, so I've done a button class which resizes to match the text inside. No biggy, but just one of many things which need to be thought about when the text can change.

I really need to have an interesting blog entry soon, it's all very worky right now :)


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