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And on the 8th day...

It's all got a bit blurry what's been done when. That's what happens when your diary slips, it just merges into whole big lump of vague memory.

I finished off the last entry about adding a play again button to the game complete screen. That's done, so the whole ability to play the game from start to finish and start again is in. Feeling like a proper game now.

I spent a long time adding the trap doors to the game. The traps themselves were straight forward enough, I just had a real problem getting rid of them once they were triggered. It all worked fine, you'd fall down a hole, recover, leave the screen but when you came back the trap would be there again. Glaring at you. It was just a silly mistake on my behalf, but took ages to find.

After that the water traps were pretty straight forward, they just used a lot of the same code. The only slight snag with these was the falling down splat on your face animation. It's a big bigger than normal ones and in one direction there would be a depth sorting issue with the players arm sticking out too far. A quick kludge check, and it's all good.

I also added in the preloader and a pause mode, and it's always nice to test the "Quit to menu" option and it works first time. No nasty code running in the background that I'd forgotten to kill.

After showing it to the client there was a bit of an issue about the control scheme, so a quickly knocked up controls page ( Only if you've skipped the instructions, and lets face it you will. I know I would ) was dropped in there at the start of the game.

Just out of interest ( And the fact that it looks like I've done very little for 3 days so I need to pad this post out a little with some boring filler ), below is the output from our sweet notifier app which tracks all that we do

Attract Mode: 13mins
Class Structure: 10mins
Dummy Trap: 1:22
Game Complete: 58mins
HUD: 1:10
Instructions: 51mins
Level Complete: 40mins
Level Design: 1:09
Level Plotter: 7:06
Level Structure: 45mins
Pause Mode: 30mins
Player: 5:32
Preloader: 34mins
Tiles: 1:55
Transition: 25mins
TrapDoors: 3:00
WaterTraps: 1:21

All that added up should come to 49 ( 7*7 ) hours, and if it doesn't it shows that I've been a bit lazy :)
( I know it won't even be close as the last couple of days I've been sorting out the tax man and dealing with the joys of tooth ache, so the work has had to take a bit of a back seat to those ).

This coming Wednesday is my deadline. I think it's going to be a bit tight, there's some big routines to do before then, and my to do list reads as follows:

* Instructions
* Power-ups
* Bots
* Dummys
* Hidden bad guys throwing dummys
* Sounds
* Player health
* Game Over ( After losing all health )
* Owls

( I know with no real concept of what the game is that's as vague as hell, sorry, my hands are tied as always. Power-ups are collectables which you can shoot at the Bots, who are going to be pacman ghosts. Dummy's are obstacles that are triggered by hidden traps which block your path, and that the Bots can push around. Everything else I think is clear enough, oh apart from the owls :) ).
So 3 days to do all that, fix any bugs ( I've noticed a couple with the fore-ground plotter ) and shoe horn in any ammends from the client.

This is why I can't give up smoking yet.


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