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And now we just wait

With the game complete screen added, DN8 is finally a complete game. Not finished, but complete.

It's currently up for sale on FGL ( If you're a slightly mental millionaire on the look out for a shooter to sponsor, here you go, it's here. Also if you're a member of FGL and above the bare min. rating on there you can give it a bash too ).

For everyone else, here's the trailer video I knocked together the other day.

( Due to pesky copyright arse, which really isn't our fault but life is too short to spend arguing, if you live in Germany the muted version of the video is here ).


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  • john cotterell

    3/30/2011 11:55:06 AM |

    Looks awesome. Though hall of the mountain king is more wizards and witches than space invaders. Why not use the in-game music?!?

  • Squize

    3/30/2011 12:24:46 PM |

    Cheers mate. I went for that music because it builds up to crescendo perfectly, plus it's got a filmic feel to it, which is really what I was after.
    At least I avoided Requiem for a Dream :)

  • john cotterell

    3/30/2011 4:55:26 PM |

    If you want to hear a really messed up version - richie blackmore's rainbow did a rock cover with lyrics and everything.

    I am very glad you didnt use requiem. That song should only be played when the world ends.

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