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Almost at the money shot

Not posted many updates about "The Game of life" here for a while, so we're well overdue for a catch up.

My "Gift shop" game is done and dusted. It's only a straight forward Mastermind style game, but it plays pretty well and looks great too. I like it as part of the package because it's so different to everything else in there, a slow paced logic game ( Albeit still against the clock ). Fits in there well, and I think it achieves the projects umbrella aim of being able to target as many different players as possible ( Not everyone loves games which use the arrow keys ).

Olli's just finished his final game, currently called "The Day of the Triffids" ( Or Dot ), it's the exact opposite of Gift Shop. Really nice fast paced action using an asteroids style control system to control a lawn mower as you cut the grass and remove unwanted visitors.
I think it's everyone's new favorite game within the set, and a great one to finish on.

So after all this time, and blood and sweat and swearing, we're nearly there. There are some front-end alterations that I've got to make this evening, but purely visual stuff to update the existing images in line with the final ones, and we're ( Touch wood, and I don't mean that in a nob joke way ) gold.

Be so cool to see this bad boy live. Soon my beauties, soon.


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