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Aiming at the big one

I think it's time to question my motivation.

While working on client projects, I allow myself always a more or less big "sideproject" (because as Bill Murray put it in Groundhog Day: "Keep the talent happy.").

I usually try to stay on the easier side (game wise), but I'm not the button basher game type of developer, although I tried it ...
When sitting there and plotting down ideas, the transform from "one week and done" to "woha that's big" is almost instant.

So let's just accept the facts.
Looking through my sketches it shows that this is again no quick and easy project, I see a lot of locations, all done in 3d, different maps, a story that ties it all together and of course weeks of work.
I think that anyone with some gamecoding background (i.e. coding games beyond the scope of flash) is looking for: the big one. A real game.

Puzzle games are somewhat of a different league beside all the clicketyclick-crap that is called "game" and not many flash games reach into that region for me.

One of the few ones I admire for it's depth is Luxregina's Two Kingdoms.

But how can you compare a flash game to a "real" game?
Savegames? Maybe.
Levels? Maybe.
Story? Maybe.
Depth? Certainly.

What was I talking about?
One of the questions that keep bothering me for the last days is: does it pay out?

Beside the fact that it will be quite fun to do a big game, this one question is really nagging me (espeacially since the LotW hacking incident).

There's the fact that flash isn't save at all. each damn script kiddy ot there could grab this application (which name I won't tell) and just open your swf and change a lot of things without even having to dig through the code. Changing an image or adding a new button is a case of a few mouseclicks. AS3 seems to make it a bit harder, but I doubt that it will be forever. (Maybe there might be some sort of solution, Squize and I have been talking about a ugly way of protecting you game from just changing things on the fly, but we need to test that before I can tell you more)

Using Director isn't an option at all and one of the environments that really would make me go away for coding a game isn't yet reachable because the dev environment is on Mac only and I don't have the space to have another box standing around, here even if is a pretty one.

Because we all know that such a project is normally for pleasure only, you still have to ask if you can get the odd quid out of it - can you?

Sponsoring isn't a route, because as I see it it's not a win situation for the developer, the exposure gained doesn't reflect in website traffic at all. The money isn't nowhere near what can be charged for a client development or an exclusive deal, but it's unlikely that you get one.

Ingame ads seems to be an option but you need some fairly good exposure to reach numbers that pay out well, too.

It's all personal again ...
So it all sums up to: do you enjoy doing such a big game. Well I certainly would. But there are doubts.

K. let's get back to some coding of CC, and later this week some tests on security ...


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  • Incrue

    7/10/2008 12:28:24 PM |

    Seems that space for the mac is the easyest to solve problem

  • nGFX

    7/10/2008 12:39:41 PM |

    Tell that my wife ...

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