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AS3... Not exactly the easy way forward

I've had a bit of down time since Friday, so I thought I should finally look into AS3.

I've heard lot's of comments from fellow game devs. That it's a steep learning curve. Being kinda cock sure I thought "It can't be that bad".

Oh silly silly me.

I remember hating AS2 when I crossed over to that late last year, and loving it now, so I know that AS3 is just going to be the same. That nasty month or two of "If I could do this in AS2 it'd have been done 3 hours ago", and that feeling of going from being pretty good at something to absolute lamer. Never nice.

Anyway the fruits of my labour are below. It's just a re-working of my infinite bobs effect I did a little time ago ( In as1. In an hour ). At least I've managed to convert my fps counter ( Although ensuring it stays on top of all the other mcs / sprites / displayObjects / whatever the hell they're called now, is still a bit beyond me ).
No preloader, as that seems to be a can of worms, but it's less than 13k so it's not an issue with this. Also it's not really a clever clever AS3 speed test, the whole point of the original code was to show you can still do funky things in as1 ( It was a slight backlash against what seemed like everyone at that time acting like as3 was the second coming ).

InfiniteBobs.swf (12.18 KB)


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  • nGFX

    5/28/2007 10:48:51 AM |

    Oh, well.

    It get's a bit crowded after a while :).

    I'm nearly about to try it on my own, but I'm so sure I'll hate myself for it. I still have an unfinished "spare time" project in as2 here and a new game coming along with a very tight deadline, the last time I had to convert all my tools and util classes and that nearly took 3 days and I nearly missed the deadline because of various "rewrites" to get things more "nice"...

    Oh, well.


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