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A little place called Haven

Sorry about the lack of updates, and the lack of alpha demo. I realised there's so many set pieces in there that they would be spoilt if you saw them too early ( Things are only frightening once ). So that's why.

Just a quick recap. Last time I went over using the IDE ( Just to clarify, I meant the Flash IDE itself ) for laying out the levels and mentioned that it was a pity that the shadows weren't in their own layer. Well they are now, and it was well worth the effort, there's nothing like a face hugger running out of the shadows towards you.

Loads more has been added, its really coming together. The main issue now is the lack of original graphics ( You'll see I'm using sprite rips in the grab below ). I'm currently working on level 3, and just added a new baddie, look at him...


That's proper nasty first time he opens his eyes and runs towards you. Also with level 3 you can see I've gone a bit mental with the shadows ( They're plotted via code, so I can set their "length" and alpha ), as level 2 is a bit shooty, I wanted to claw it back to being scary.
As the game progresses I think it's going to move away from survival horror to an out and out shooter, although hopefully with enough set pieces to make you jump.

That's it for now, just a short post to let you know we're still doing things. I'll leave you with some 3D.




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  • Matthew

    6/24/2011 4:01:33 PM |

    Hopefully you've got a good sound guy working on this too, it's kind of game needs fantastic eerie background music and sounds effects.

  • Squize

    6/24/2011 4:18:48 PM |

    Yeah sound will be the making of this. This is the first game I've ever done where I've added placeholder sound as I go, and it's a really nice way to do things, rather than avoiding some sounds by doing it all at the death just before the preloader, doing them as you go means you don't cut corners.
    We've got 57 sounds in there already, only around 6 of those are speech, which is way more than DN8 ( Including the music ) already.

  • Porter

    6/24/2011 5:15:15 PM |

    Looks pretty awesome so far. You definitely don't see enough games using emotion of any kind, be it sadness, or scaring the crap out of you with enemies that pop out of shadows. I'm really hoping you catch the mode on this one, can't wait to see it come to completion.

  • Squize

    6/24/2011 9:27:13 PM |

    Thanks Porter. Not seen you around for ages.

    Good luck with the new blog / branding btw, now you've got a linkback to it from here pop by more often :)

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