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A game in a day

A lot of our friends have had some success with producing a game in a day, but it's always something we thought neither of us could do as we fanny around far too much.

Late Saturday I had an idea for a simple game that I though could be fun, so around 18 hours or so later ( Spread over a couple of days, yeah misleading title I know ) I got the Flex compiler to belch out this:

Chock a Box

As you can see not only have I cropped the edge of it badly ( Which is driving me insane already ) but it's got more than a hint of Q*Bert to it. It's just some simple retro fun, not the best game I'll ever make, but it's pretty nice.

The main sprite, Mr Packing Box, was drawn without a single thought that I'm moving house this Friday, a totally subconscious choice.

Let's see how it goes in terms of sponsorship, it'll be good if it pays for itself.


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  • Porter

    3/24/2010 6:22:01 AM |

    Looks pretty neat for a game in a day, I'm pretty sure you can get a worthwhile bid on it. I dig the isometric style with the Q*Bert look, good stuff. Good luck with the game, I'm sure it'll do well.

  • MichaelJW

    3/24/2010 1:33:54 PM |

    Sweet! (Good luck with the move, by the way.)

  • Squize

    3/25/2010 6:29:31 PM |

    Cheers guys.

    No bids yet, but it's early days and even if it doesn't sell it's no loss in the grand scheme of things, it can be used as a self sponsored title further down the line.

  • 8bitjeff

    4/1/2010 4:50:06 PM |

    Nice little game, Squize! I would love to plat in a GYW virtaul arcade made up "Rich and Olli"'s 24 hour arcade fun games...pipe dream, but still a dream

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