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35 and still playing with demo effects

Still trying to get my head around as3, it's a saucy little minx alright.

Anyway, he's yet another old school demo effect, and another one I never managed to get working on the Amiga at the time ( Flash just seems to be an outlet for my past failures as a coder ).

Plasma.swf (5.47 KB)

Guess a bit of texture mapping should be next to keep with this theme.

( For a lot more demo style eye-candy check the experiments cat., and to see them all shoved together and wrapped up with plenty of love, check out 651 )


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  • chris error

    6/11/2007 8:55:04 PM |

    I demand a mention in your next demo, which simply must have a scrolling greeting if you are to follow this route.
    you remember that demo with the three birds singing in eggs or something?  Made my ST owning ass sick as a dog when I saw it ('Yeah but i've got midi ports that Im never gonna use!')

    error x

  • Squize

    6/12/2007 10:40:27 AM |

    Those midi ports, the envy of every Amiga owner.

    Yeah I guess I'll have to add a sine scroller with some copper bars and a starfield for that full on old skool effect, with a greetz list to every cracking team who stayed together for more than a week.

    Progress, it's over rated.

  • nGFX

    6/13/2007 9:21:02 AM |

    That's so insanely retro.

    But nice. Still not ordered the flash CS3 version. mhm. Maybe after the next game ...

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