Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

... and so it goes,

and so it goes
and so it goes,

but where it's going no one knows ...

(Nick Lowe, 1976)


That said, this "one post per week" is already going on my balls. Anyway, it's 23:31h on Sunday and I'm hammering out this week's post, well knowing that there isn't much to write about.

The week started with going back to "real life" and finishing off a client website, which is using a lot of the oh-so-new (as far as marking people know) web toys (css3 transforms, canvas) - oh boy did I have fun.
[Add a rant about the shortcomings of css, js and html here (or look me up on g+)]

... and as client projects go, some of the copy is still missing, and some last call changes delayed the whole project quite a bit - always a good thing if you want to get it live asap.

Let's get on with a more productive post about the Hellstrom Project. I haven't been coding much for the last 3 weeks, but I managed to export the last 3d model of the first block and import it into Unity. A quick "walk through" showed that the map is a bit - shall we say - crowded and things were a good deal to close together.

Sketch of the original layout.

... and so I decided to scale things up a bit. The first thing that got bigger was the waterfall, while the "old" one was about 4m high, the new one should be about twice as high (and wide), after I made that bigger the whole layout of the map had to be changed (which was the plan anyway), but I didn't want to just scale things up by 2.

Now that's what I'm talking about ...

In the end I thought: "Oh for fuck's sake" and sat down for a quick sketch of the new waterfall area of the map. Lot's of rocks to model, but funnily enough I'm looking forward to it.

Hopefully I'll have that modelled by next week (and I have something to post).

-- Oliver (nGFX)

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