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Writing, writing and yet even more writing

Hopefully going to go back to what the stimunation blog used to be, and focus on the actual development of a game from start to end.

It's always tricky 'cause everything has a NDA these days, so it's often a period of 4 weeks or so when you can write very little about what you're actually working on, and then ta dah, here's the game everyone, let us know what you think ( And retroactively answering questions about its development ).

With this project there is still going to have to be a slight viel of secrecy, but I'm hoping we can still give you some ins and outs of it's development along the way.

So I guess we can call this day 1. And day 1 is... writing up the design docs day. Not the most fun thing in the world, and to be honest I'm a firm believer in games evolving rather than being planned out to the nth degree, but this is a game made up of lots ( Around 12 ) of sub-games and a five week turnaround so we really need that structure in place.

This project is a first for me too, in that I'm more project manager than coder ( Due to prior commitments rather than a huge desire to wear that hat ), so more of my time is going to be spent making sure our client is happy, ensuring that olli and Elliot ( Our artist on this project ) know what's going down and when and other such organisational feats.

I think that's about it for this post. I've still got 11 docs to write today which should keep me off the streets, and hopefully they'll be signed off without too much alteration so olli can start getting down and dirty with the code as soon as possible.

More soon...


383,890,620 polygons

Finally I started working on a new "private" game, basically it should have been an action game ...
... but somehow the idea has been altered and now it seems like it's becoming a puzzler.

For the last couple of days (weeks to be true) since my last post, I've been working on the title screen, mainly to get into the right mood for the style of the game. It also helps a lot to find the overall visual style.

As you might expect I'm not going to reveal anything about the actual gameplay, but it involves a bit of magic, wizards, a wizard's hat, an awfull amount of eyecandy and hopefully as much fun to play as I'll have doing (and selling) it :) ...

Enough words for now, here are 3 tiny parts of the intro animation (or part of the title/menu screen), and the reason for the nice and friendly number of polygons mentioned above:

Once I've finished this shot, I'll post the complete image, but there are some details left I want to alter to really make it look the way I want it to.