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5 to life

It's our birthday!

GYW has been going for 5 years today. I'd like to say we do it all for you guys, but that would be a lie. We do it because we love this stuff. We've had so many highs and lows and we've loved having you all along for the ride.

We're proud of many of the games we've done ( Not all of them ) and we take a pride in the openness and honesty of the blog, even if sometimes we've perhaps said things that we shouldn't have.

But we're not hear just to reflect, we've had a great 5 years and we're looking forward to the next 5, we are as excited about the future as we were five years ago today.

Squize and Olli.

PS. A massive thanks to RobotJam for our beautiful cake. Well, it was beautiful until we helped ourselves to some.


Play it here.

I'd just like to thank Lux for all the hard work he put into this, Matt for the stunning music and the vast number of people who helped shape the game with their constant support and feedback, for which I'll always be grateful.

Enjoy the terror.


Home Sheep Home 2

We don't often big up other peoples games as quite frankly we don't like anyone, but we're loving this like poachers love a bit of ivory.

It's been put together by our mate Chris and the sackful of talent which is Aardman digital. Play the first episode which is online here, and maybe treat yourself to the download version ( Which is powered by AIR3. We're so going to be badgering Rich to explain how to do that ) or if you've got iOS then grab that version and play it in the bath or on the bus. Either way, make sure you're naked.

I think I've got a future in marketing.


Like a record baby.

It feels like forever since we last caught up. How have you been ? Yeah I'm good thanks, that rash is finally going. What's that ? Yeah, it did smell of fish quite badly.

Anyway time to pimp a project I guess. This is one of the two that seemed to take forever to get live. This one is for Beyblades.



This isn't really our project, so I don't feel a great deal of connection to it. Our mate Elliot at asked us to join the party when it was under development. From memory I did a fair bit of the server > Flash stuff ( Check me out, I'm like a proper grown up coder rather than someone wasting their life with games ), the top and tails and the card selection screen.

As to the game itself, would it make you think less of me if I said I didn't actually play it ? It just seems mental and as I was working on this, the other game which I need to see is live, plus Outpost, I skimmed over it. It's really nicely put together, I just don't have the attention span, although you should check it out for yourself, here.

And that's it about BeyBlade. Quite nice doing a project where you're not responsible for gameplay, doing that a couple of times a year would be a pleasant change, and all the team who worked on it were a joy, so all good.


We're back ...

I finally managed to convert the layout from the old blog (DasBlog) to the new one (BlogEngine.NET).

So far everything seems to work, although I might have not changed all the css styles - give me a shout if you find something odd.

Not using Disqus for comments atm, because all our old comments would have disappeared - not quite ideal imho.

We need to clean up the categories now and convert most of them into tags, but the I think it's done.



I just noticed that we have a new RSS url, so you might want to change it to: 

Update for updates sake

We have to keep the wheels turning on the blog, even when the destination seems to be slipping further away. This month we were going to wow you with an interactive comic, but forces beyond our control have held that up [ For months now ]. We were also going to blow you away with a game for a major toy franchise, but that's running a little behind ( Any day now though. Any day now ). There was going to be some new Outpost stuff, but these other jobs got in the way. I was going to post how to add screen shot functionality to your fps counter, but then I've not had the time. Started playing with Facebook graph and the as3 sdk for it, but to go into that would just be me swearing over and over. Orbs was going to be released, but it turns out its pure sponsor poison, so fuck it, we're going to self sponsor it and use it as our first proper play with Facebook ( Hence the above point ). So that's held up slightly. Nuts & Bolts is in buying limbo, so no news there. Some months just suck, this is one of them. It's not the end of the world. Olli and I have taken the chance to review where we're at and where we're going, and a bit of self reflection is never a bad thing. We've got some real focus behind us now, for the first time in ages. No more ( Or at least a lot less ) stumbling along, there's a method in our apathy now. I'm excited, and that's always a good feeling. We're focused on making "Every byte count", that's our new mantra. I don't think we're going to do any sort of announcement of our intentions, it'd be so easy to sound like other gaming blogs who we can't stand with a big showy reveal over nothing really, it's more an internal sea change that will just evolve out in everything we do from now on. Squize.

Note to myself:

It's a bad idea to try todo a little bit of video editing for the web in Premiere Pro!
It's a bad idea to try todo a little bit of video editing for the web in Premiere Pro!
It's a bad idea to try todo a little bit of video editing for the web in Premiere Pro!
It's a bad idea to try todo a little bit of video editing for the web in Premiere Pro!
It's a bad idea to try todo a little bit of video editing for the web in Premiere Pro!

No, seriously:

It's a bad idea to try todo a little bit of video editing for the web in Premiere Pro!

Anway here's the promised teaser video ...