Gaming Your Way

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Look who's getting all social

Just a really quick post to mention we've got a Facebook page set up for all things Outpost.

At present it's more focused on the development of Outpost 2, so if you want to see the brand new inventory screen WIP for example, shoot on over there, with the view that eventually it'll become a hub for everything to do with the 3 games.

( I'll still be posting here about it, but the less sweary ones will be mirrored on the FB page, plus my hands are a little tied with what I can post. Tech things like the shadows are fine, but I don't want to be giving too many spoilers away, so yeah, I'm a little limited in what I can share ).

Anyway, here's the all important link: If only there was some way on Facebook to show your appreciation for something, some sort of button you could click to show how fond of things you were, because if there was such a thing I'm sure you guys would happily press it.


It's not you, it's me.

Oh dear sweet blog, we've been treating you badly for a while now haven't we. Flirting with Facebook and her whore sister Twitter when all along it was you we always felt ourselves with.

Basically I'm trying to apologise about the lack of posts here in forever now. Lot's of stuff has been happening, we've knocked out two adver-games and a website between the two of us ( I don't know if we'll ever link them up, one for vanity reasons, one because it's behind a registration and I don't think we're allowed to take credit for it ).

Also we've been working on Quantic Velocity, twice. It started off as a stage3D game when DN8:Pulse was still in bidding, as there's no way a stage3D game can do badly is there ? Lux and I had a long chat about it, and realised it was pointless pursuing it as DN8:P had done so badly, so we rebooted the project. The new version was going great, until we put corners in the map ( It's basically a top down WipeOut like racer ), which badly broke the AI. I threw a week at it just trying to fix that, and with no joy. I'd coded myself into a corner and just couldn't get out of it. All my passion for the project went, and it was becoming a painful chore. So, that's on hold for now ( It's not ditched, as it was playing really well, it's just that I made a mess of it ).

What are we on now then ? Well it involves the number 2 and Owlmen.

More soon...


DN8:Pulse preview review preview review

We really like FlashMush, Robbie is reviewing lots of games and doing a really good job of it.

Because of that we asked him if he'd be up to review DN8:Pulse before release, and he said yes, and I said cool and then he reviewed and now I'm linking to that review.

Straight forward enough.

Go here my young beauties if you want to see if our game was good or a bit shit ( Hopefully by now you'd know we'd still write this post even if it was a bit shit, but without spoiling things too much, it has a happy ending ).


PS. Outpost:Swarm is still waiting sign off, DN8:P is waiting for someone to buy it, the Android version is coming along albeit slowly and we've started a new game which I guess we'll talk about soon enough.

49,004,030 thanks, and counting

Part pimp, part thank you.

The lovely Armor and Mousebreaker are both hosting Outpost:Haven now, and we'd like to thank both Dan and Alan for making the process so easy.

We'd also like to thank everyone whose taken the time to play, vote and review the game ( Plus all the pm's and emails about it ). The feedback is going to be invaluable for O2, not to mention Outpost:Swarm ( But more on that soon ).

Short and sweet.


PS. 49,004,030 ? That's how many aliens you guys have killed so far, that's more than every person in Spain killing one each.