Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Just a load of old balls really

Kongregate seems to have a good buzz about it right now, so I figured it'd be interesting to see if it could be used to help pimp GYW.

I've just uploaded a slightly tweaked version of my old game ( Which was originally done to pimp stimunation ), Crazy Balls.


After finding out ( Once it was up there, as always ) that the swf is actually bigger than what they allow, and a quick bit of editing, it's all looking good. Don't think my hi-score stuff is working correctly with their back-end, but I can live with that for the time being, this is just a test the water release.

One thing that's freaked me out is that at the time of writing, about 20 mins after it going live on there, it's had 5 ratings. Call me a cynic, but should you be rating a game you've only played for at most 3 mins ? ( I know this 'cause of the hi-scores so far, no one has even cycled through the levels ). You can if you hate a game on sight ( Or even love it, which is rarer ), but to think a game's average / ok in just a couple of minutes seems a bit, hmmm, rushed ( Wanted to say shit, but that's possibly too harsh ).

Perhaps it's 'cause I'm looking at this as a developer, knowing what goes into making a game ( Whether it's good, bad or indifferent ) rather than as a games player ( Playing on a site with an insane number of free games to play ). It's just that I remember doing a couple of reviews for and spending ages on the games. I wanted to know them inside and out as much as I could before passing comment on them.

Maybe it is a developer thing, maybe it's cause you get points for everything you do at kongregate ( "Farted ? Here's a point" ), or maybe it's not even worth worring about.


Last one for a while

Just discovered that CDX has picked up an award, a cheeky bronze at the Cannes Lions live 2007.

All credit is due to the boys and girls at preloaded for it. I did a bit of work on it ( It was my last project at preloaded ), but really not enough to be able to bask in any of the glory. Although the moped game in episode 2 did rock ;)


Papervision3D moves from private testing to a full public beta.

"Everybody is welcome to download and start playing with it. We believe you will find it very easy to use and to integrate into your Flash 8, Flash CS3 and Flex projects. [...]"

This is really great stuff, though, I doubt it'll be useable for heavy usage in games, but it sure is promising.