Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Here's one for Walt

A couple of months back I dived in to help our mate marmotte out with a "reskin" of some games.

One of which needed a total re-write to get it doing what needed doing, so 8 days later out popped this...


Also did some work on the "Model city" front-end for the project, as well as other bits and pieces. ImprisonedPride leapt in to help with one of the games too ( Deadline was as tight as you like, it was all hands to the deck ).
Like all games with an insane deadline, it sat around for a while waiting to go live, and today it finally is ( Only 3 projects sitting around gathering dust now, getting there )

So click here like your life depends on it, and enjoy 3 pretty cheeky games ( With some great visuals and music ).


Another "...of life" game

Just discovered that "Signs of Life" has finally gone live ( But UK locked only! Licence fees and all that, so sorry rest of the world ).


To be honest I didn't do a great deal, just some of the tests ( ep 4 and 6 from memory, I really should play it through before pimping ) and some under the hood stuff.
A huge amount of really good code was already sitting in place when I started, which made life easier ( And made me look good ).

It's far and away the biggest project I've ever worked on ( Check the credits page, it's just insane ), and I was lucky enough to work with some very talented cool people ( And I also got to see the sights of Shepards Bush for a month or two, always a treat ).

Only 3 more games waiting in the wings to go live now, getting there...


More words about Mansion *yawn*

I once vowed that I'd never have one of my games on newground, and to be honest I was really blown away by the feedback mansion got, the vast majority of the reviews were both constructive and positive.

Teach me to prejudge a site.

I also vowed that I'd never have another game on miniclip.

Just goes to show what a commercial whore I've become.


Just in time for the 31st

The next Phantom Mansion chapter has just gone live.


Just to caveat the preloader, if it hangs for you ( The "Three Hand Hang" as it's known ) then hit refresh and it'll load fine ( A fix is being worked on ).

I'm not going to big it up too much, I think it's much better than the first chapter and it's getting closer to how I want it to be, but see for yourselves.

Back to Orbs and platform games for me then,


What's in the oven ?

A little update is well over due, so here's a couple of grabs of two current projects.


A platform game, which I'm afraid is covered by an nda, but despite looking nasty with that placeholder art, it's coming along quite nicely. I'm still really buzzing with this project as it's my first ever platform game, and I'm just planning on over delivering by a lot to make it as good as the time will allow.
The scrolling is in and working ( Although the vertical panning is a bit out ), collisions are working just how I wanted ( The player to baddie collisions worked perfectly on the first compile. I mean, when does that ever happen ? Somedays it's almost like I'm a proper coder ) and it's all coming together like an orgy. Nice.
I'll be posting more about it as it develops, within the boundaries of a nda anyway.


A picture paints a thousand words and all that, so I'm not going to go too much into the gameplay. My first as3 game, and I'm nearly getting to the point where I'm not getting a compiler error just by being in the same room as Flex.
AS3 is funny, it gives you so much power that when you try something and it runs slow, it's like wtf ? A good position to be in though.

I think "Orbs" is my first personal project since Crazy Balls, which from memory originally went live in 2004.


You still don't like to leave before the end of the movie ...


After quite a long absence, I finally found the time to do a (small) post. What happened so far is that I had a lot of very tight deadlines for the last couple of weeks (mainly because I was pactically forced to go on vacation for two weeks) and all of the things needed to be done during the time I planned to lay flat on the beach and do nothing.

Three of these deadlines fall under the term "NDA", so I can't go into detail there, only that these projects where some niffty flash/zinc apps.

So ther's only one left, which is finished AND a game, too. I wrote about it earlier, I think: "Logimotion".

(Title screen, the first level, delivery robots
and a part of a later level)

Basically it's a quite easy game: just guide the robots from point A to B. All you have to do is to switch junctions/intersections and make sure your robots don't crash. It may become a bit tricky, though. For the current levels, there may be up to 20 of them running at the same time (but you really have to delay delivery for that to happen).

If you want to give it a quick bash, you can play it here: (either chose English or German).

After all that 18h shifts I'm doing a bit of 3D at the moment and hopefully start working on a new game in a couple of days.


ps: want to see my current workspace? 'course you do ...

two 22inch and one 15inch tft, resulting in a desktop
resolution of 4384x1050px ... pure working bliss

It's in the wild!

After a overly long gestation, "Phantom Mansion - The Red Chamber", is live.


Seems like forever since I've been able to pimp a live game on here ( Only now waiting for "Signs of Life", "Game of Life", "Goldenballs" and "Think 'n Drive"... ).

Anyway, click here and try out the first chapter is this pretty damn good puzzle style game.


2 out of 5 isn't bad

Just a quick well done to team preloaded for scooping best game at the FF awards.

There's nothing left from my preloaded days to pick anything up now, so that's my award cupboard gathering dust for the foreseeable future.


So you're curious yeah ?

Written a game, or just planning to write the next HeliAttack ? Either way, no matter how great your love of game development is, it's still nice to have something to pay the bills with.

Our mate Adam ( Author of the sexy Asteroids Revenge III ) has put together a great resource for all things sponsorship. If you're an old hand, or brand new to the whole world of selling your Flash ass for cash, it's well worth a read.

In fact, do it now, by clicking here.