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Did you know...

That we've started hosting some of our games ?

It's something I started a while back and had to break off from as work / Unity / real life got in the way.

Here's some links:

Chimbo's Quest


Loved Up

[Update] Virus

There are a lot more to come ( I had a count up the other week, and including the puzzle game that I gave that huge spoiler away with on the last post, I'll have finished 82 games. We won't be able to host all the games 'cause there's a lot that I don't own the copyright too, but there's a fair few we can ).

Also as a historical ego trip I found my first ever Flash game that actually did something. It was my entry for a retro comp on ( That never amounted to anything, mine was the only entry ) and is a remake of the c64 shooter, Delta ( It uses a "mod player" on the title screen, but due to Flash's sound being broken on Vista it sounds dog rough. My apologies to Rob Hubbard for making his music sound like poo ).
It's just the first 3 levels, doing a really anal accurate port is hellish.


Our usual brand of swearing and talking crap

ah, back to normal after the rush of doing a semi-useful post.

I noticed the last game we did for Brandissimo is live on the NFLRush [ Behind a registration ] site, Blitz Bots Alley.


Quite a tricky and longer than it should have been project, but it's quite good fun and great to see it live at last.


Also we're on the vinegar strokes with X++, it's all but done, we're just testing the data mining via the private board ( Speaking of which we've sent out quite a few invites, hopefully they're not sitting in peoples junk folders. We'll try again ).
We're going to be able to pull together some really sweet stats for it using the server code Olli has put together ( For example, the player's ship has flown 31287 meters so far today and two medals have been won ).

And finally, our game for the sexy team at the is drawing to a close, here's the first grab from it...


Yeah you know I can't give things away under development. Let that red rectangle tied you over for the time being, it's going to be worth the wait if you enjoy a good fast action puzzler.


Unity3D business model ? Seems Blurst have found it

We've made no secret of loving Unity. We cuddle up to it. We watch rom-coms with it and feign interest. Hell, we'd lick it if we could.

But as we've fallen more head over heels it's just highlighted the fact that there's no tried and trusted business model for it yet. There's no mochi, there's no big ass portal wanting to pay for that shiny shiny 3D gameplay, shit there's not even sponsors with their $500 plus source code offers.

The handful of Flash game studios like ourselves who are looking to Unity I assume are following a similar pattern, knock out some nice generic games with some added wow, and then offer it as an alternative [ To Flash ] to clients with the added carrot of an iphone version of the game. So in effect you take a hit on the costs of making the actual game ( Unless you're lucky and can get a decent budget ) but make that back via the iphone version ( One code base, one set of assets, two games to charge for ).

Flashbang have a different idea via their Blurst site, and to be honest it's a real epiphany moment reading about it.

The full article is on the Wall Street Journals site ( Which is quite a wow in itself ) and can be found here.

To cover the key points before you go shooting off over there, the idea is that you have "True fans", the fans who really dig your stuff ( A great article which is linked to in the above article can be found directly here )
"A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author - in other words, anyone producing works of art - needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living."
They have calculated that by using a subscription based model they only need 5000 people signing up every six months. That pays for their 6 staff.

In theory that's so simple it's brilliant. Ok it's nothing new, but it's just seeing the maths laid out so simply just makes it feel viable.

We've touched on downloadable versions before, and the general feeling was that very few people will pay for Flash no matter how good it is, because there's just so much free stuff out there and Flash games demographic in terms of indie players seem to be the younger end of the market ( Although that could be skewed due to the younger end of the market being the most vocal ) who
a) Don't have as much disposable income.
b) Have the mindset of "If it's on the net it should be free".
But with Unity your downloadable game can be so much more. Enough to encourage people to subscribe to get it ? Maybe, maybe not. There are more alternatives to just giving a exe version of a game though. Subscribe to gywGames and in our racing game we'll let you design your own livery, and you can take a snapshot which all your friends can see when you're logged on to the site, hell, they can even vote for it.

It's that divergence of media that will sell a subscription. The level editor that's unlocked once you join. That comp to win a psp when you're subscribed. It's allowing players to be that little bit more than players, to let them have a direct effect on the game they're playing, that sense of community. It doesn't have to be heavy handed, it's not all about achievements and gamerscore, it's about putting a little bit of creative power into peoples hands and seeing what they can do.

That to me is the business model for Unity that we've all been searching for.


Not dead, just mortally wounded

Thought I should post something up explaining our quietness here recently ( And to thank our friends at other blogs for keeping on linking to our puerile words ).

nGFX's has had bits and bobs to do outside the GYW world, plus he's currently hard at work on a cheeky Unity game which when I last saw it was looking pretty damn nice ( And not an obvious Unity game at all ).
We had a chat today and we're looking to try and be a bit more pro-active with other Flash devs looking towards Unity, it's something I spoke to John ( Mate, update your blog! ) and Chris ( I didn't know pinball was on there, sweet ) about when we got drunk the other week, the whole "We're on the same side, let's share Unity stuff more".

As for me, my personal life has just turned to shit the last month. If I was on Facebook I've have to change my status to single. To be honest that's knocked the shit out of me and I've had to re-evaluate everything ( 8 weeks ago I was still blindly thinking how I could get enough money for the wedding in August, now I'm wondering if I'm even going to stay living in London.
Sometimes life is great, a joy where you can actually take for granted there is a God and you can almost feel Him straightening out the path before you, that your soul really can soar and although today was great, tomorrow is going to be even better again. Other times life is just a cunt ).

Anyway before this turns into an angst riddled wail of a blog ( I can think of very few worse themes for a blog. We all have emotional turmoil, it doesn't mean it's a valid thing to share in a public medium. I'm just trying to justify my apathy rather than screaming [ At the moon ] for help ) on the work front I've just today started a new project with thebasement which I'm really pleased to be doing, and it's a chance for me to work with ickydime which is more than cool.

I'm sure as my "whats the fucking point ?" attitude slowly gets replaced by anger I'll find my old venom and we can return to normal posting here ( For example, the GameProducer blog really bugs the hell out of me, but I can't slag it too much 'cause it'll be sods law that the next post on FlashGameBlogs after this one will be one from there, but seriously man, to be a game producer you have to actually produce a game. The clues are in the actual words. It's like me starting a blog about being an author, when I've not actually written anything. There's a world of difference between wanting something and actually doing it, otherwise we'd all have had sex with twins ).

Hmmm, I'm starting to feel more like myself.


It's latin for Bullet Hell*

The results of the 4k compy have finally been announced, and it's been well worth the wait.

There are more great entries than your average porn film. Check them all out here and I'm pretty sure you'll be as impressed as I was with some of the stuff that's going on in 4096 bytes, it's just insane ( And you can grab the source for most of the games, which is even better ).

Without giving anything away ( In case you've come here first ), congrats to the winners ( And everyone who entered, you're all winners. Well, the two that came first and second are, the rest of us aren't ) and a huge well done to Pany for running such a silky smooth comp, you wouldn't believe it was his first time, good work mate.
Also thanks got to go to Michael and Chris for the great judging, it means so much more having people actually post considered responses about your work ( Would have meant even more if I'd won, but let's not dwell on the negatives, today is about the winners, not how you guys ripped my fucking heart out then stamped on it. Oh nothing ).

One last favour before you shoot on over there, the audience award is open now, so please show your appreciation to your favourite game and give it a little vote, every vote saves a kittens life, so don't have kitten blood on your hands, vote!

I'm off to find the $50 I need for that second prize, looks like that's another couple of pints of blood gone.


* Bovis Abyssus

Writing a blogpost about GYW posting on twitter ...

So ... thanks tothe blessings of web 2.0 (and the machinery of stupid terms) we're able to give you even more insight into the hard work that we call game development.

No, not only can you see what we're doing on your beloved develpment blog, but now have even more updates aorund our daily work (that is, if we can remember to do so) on twitter ( - so come on, be a follower.

And tomorrow we may be able to take over the world .... Hahaharharhehehehihihohoarghlphzgmph.


Invaders Must [ Explain The Process ]

We couldn't let a Friday the 13th pass without some sort of post.

If you've got any interest in the process of making an adver-game, the always lovely gamepoetry ( Check out the 4K comp there, there's a link under our logo above, see it ? Yeah, give that a little clickity click click ) have an exclusive post mortem from us ( As pay back for their great one for Zombieland we presented here just before Christmas ) about our recent Invaders Must Die game.

And hopefully that's the last time we mention Invaders here, as it seems to be all we've spoken about in the past couple of weeks, and we're bored of it too now.


When I was growing up...

...Melody Maker and NME were essential reading ( Along with Viz ).

I thought the only time I'd get to see a news story on involving something I'd done would be if I attacked a celebrity ( Stephen Hawkins would be my first choice as I'd fancy my chances, I mean that nurse had a good go, but not quite indie pop enough to make the pages of nme ), but thanks to the miracle of paid for placement advertising, the Invaders Must Die game is being pimped on there. Sweet.

Have a look here and see us move up in the world, in between stories about the Strokes and Babyshambles. Could we be any more rock 'n roll ?


PS. We're on the nuts front-page right now too, but you're really not going to play my game there are you. Be honest. No, I didn't think so.

Roll up, roll up. 4K Flash Competition! Prizes galore!

It seems like we're sleeping with Pany over at gamepoetry recently, what with having the exclusive first glimpse of the Zombieland post mortem here, and me currently writing up the Invaders Must Die post mortem as an exclusive(-ish) article for his blog, but we're not. No, honestly.

But... in saying that we are supporting the new comp they're running,


Flash 4k Game Competition!

The name kind of gives it all away. First prize, well who cares ? The second prize, now that's what I'm talking about. In terms of monetary value it's not as much, but in terms of specialness and love, it's the only one that matters.

We've been looking for a cheap ass competition to try and buy our way into for a while for some cheap publicity and to try and make ourselves look good to other devs, and this is the one. Just by offering any actionscript / Flash book you want off amazon up to a value of $50 we're getting to make posts like this and make ourselves look good by doing so. Simple.

Joking aside, check out the link, it's going to be a great comp, with a lot of people showing an interest in giving it a bash already, the rules aren't overly strict ( There's no forced branding crap been shoehorned into them ) and aside from our prize Urbansquall has some really great things for the winner.

The weekend has really started now kids, 4096 byes, how hard can it be ?