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So you're curious yeah ?

Written a game, or just planning to write the next HeliAttack ? Either way, no matter how great your love of game development is, it's still nice to have something to pay the bills with.

Our mate Adam ( Author of the sexy Asteroids Revenge III ) has put together a great resource for all things sponsorship. If you're an old hand, or brand new to the whole world of selling your Flash ass for cash, it's well worth a read.

In fact, do it now, by clicking here.


Where are my f***** handbooks?

Yesterday my CS3 design premium box finally arrived. Man was I disappointed.

You certainly know the excitement when a *very* expensive piece of software finally arrives? Not that I was already a bit bitter about the fact that I had to pay a *lot* more than an american customer (for the English version mind you).

So I opened the parcel, and what came ot was a ... 5cm x 15cm x 20cm, about DVD-Box sized, thin cardboard box with the CD's ...

I mean, not even a Quickstart guide ... I wasn't really expecting a printed handbook (which really would be a dream), but at least some sort of keyboard shortcuts ...

</rant off>

Though I must admit that the whole thing is impressive ... so I ordered a new comp, too.

So waiting for a bit of free (ROFL) time to start playing ...


Monky Island the movie ...

Just had a few minutes off coding and surfed for a few minutes when I discovered this:

Monkey Island the movie. (Available in English and German) Made in flash it somehow manages to bring the flavour of the first game to a browser next to you ...

I guess I'll fire up ScummVM now for a few minutes of gaming history ...


A level editor is a level editor is a level editor ...

Just finished the oh-so-boring part of the our new game: the editor, though, whilst enjoying the pure "place the tile" part, I really hate the "enter relevant data and save it" part.

Did I mention that I hate flash for it's form handling capabilities?
You either be stuck with using the normal textfield/button combo (with as much comfort as a nailbed) or use the wonderfull working, easy to handle, well thought components (in case you didn't notice the sarcasm in the last part, well there's a LOT).

While waiting for the upgrade to cs3 (shipped box, which is *cheaper* than the d/load version) I'm stuck with f8 and as2. Whoever had the idea of the event handling system must be a complete genius, I mean he just must be, because I don't understand it. I mean I can use it and I get all events wired, but I don't understand the "why on earth does it have to be so ...".

Anyway, I think I just have to live with it and use my own ".net" style wrapper code.

Having the editor done (and beeing able to load/save levels) I now start to create the game engine (which should also run in the editor, because you should be able to test your levels).
As the game will feature a few indepent moving "characters", I'll have to rewrite some parts of the time based tilemovement engine allowing to check for junctions, stops and of course other things moving around.

I'm not quite sure about this, but I guess I'm going to use the ASBroadcast approach I used for virus.

Back to the hell that is coding ...


ps: Just got my xbox 360 copy of Overlord (us, de) so I guess I'll give a short comment on that later this week.


Well that title should bring in more traffic.

Anyway, check out this Spectrum emulator, for a retro boy like me, it really is sex. Although a bit dryer and slightly less awkward.


I see a red door ...

 ... and it want it painted black.

Nah. painting is pure joy. Keeping an eye on your grandchild, too. Don't try it at the same time, though.

Finally after all those weeks here are some screenies from "Holding the Baby" or short ... HTB, one of the five games from the "Game of Life" collection we did (and one of the games I had the joy of doing).




Did I mention that you have to get it done in time?

Well you'll see yourself ... 4 more to go.


If only there was an open source as3 fps counter. If only...

I've noticed my little frame counter pop up in quite a few peoples games since I included it in a bit of open source, which I do find pretty cool ( I wonder if anyone's used my scroller class ? Doubt it ).

Anyway, I thought it may help someone out there if I posted my as3 version. It's written using Flex as opposed to Flash, so it uses [Embed] to bring the assets into the swf, but I wouldn't have thought getting it working in CS3 would be that much of a mare.

Hopefully it should all be pretty straight forward, it just requires two arguements to get it going. Anyway, enjoy seeing how quick your shiny new as3 code really is. (8.35 KB)


Nerds and Lego ...

Ever noticed that computer people do have a thing for Lego?

While waiting for feedback for "High Jinx" and "Hold the Baby" I decided to play with Legos ... or at least with virtual Lego bricks (saves the cleaning up afterwards *and* of course you have all the parts you need)

Virtual Lego?

Yep. Right now I know of two methods to do so:
The Lego way using Lego's own virtual Lego builder. Great thing if you want to build your virtual model with real Lego bricks afterwards, because you can buy the parts you've used online. Only drawback atm is that not all parts are available, so you have to use the "default" ones ...

The "LDraw" way.
LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes.
Just head over to the download section and get started. I prefer MLCad, which is a great editor (it takes a few minutes to get used to it, but you get things done without looking at the manual)

So I grabbed some of my old model building instructions and just recreated one of my very first Lego model I bought from my own money (and man, did I mow a lot of grass for it):

Here it is: Galaxy Explorer (497-1)
Galaxy Explorer (497-1)1.jpg
just the space ship...

Galaxy Explorer (497-1)9.jpg
... and the whole thing.

May be some fun to render it with Max :)

Happy building, nGFX

Mehr zum Thema bei

More books on Lego on

Big Brother Is Watching You!

This is completely game unrelated post, but I just thought this is worth sharing ...

I finally got the new NIN cd year zero. Glued to the back of the CD was the following, which I found quite amusing:

Consuming or spreading this material may be
deemed subversive by the United States Bureau
Of Morality. If you or someone you know has
engaged in subversive acts or thoughts, call:



I don't think that there's much to add to this ... because it just might become reality sooner or later ...


test, test, test

Hi folks,

while inbetween two bigger projects (that surely will leave no room for just "playing" around), I wanted to get my head into a new game. The idea was fresh, and highly motivated I started to code some samples in order to see if the flash player could handle it at all.

Nope, it couldn't.

The goal was to be able to move over a "3d" landscape, textured was my first plan, coloured is what I ended up with.

And no, it *wasn't* code excution speed. So two weeks were wasted trying different approaches to achieve the same result, but somehow failed. While the code took about 1 at a high rate 3 ms, flash's graphic renderer consumed between 30 and 90 ms.

As the stat's say the code is fast enough, I didn't see the point of moving to AS3, though it might make the whole thing possible - but for now I can happily ignore all the AS3 buzz and see that I get things done.


Anyway, I hope I be able to set up a little example swf, because the idea still isn't dead - it just needs some more thinking :)