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One for the road

Well with "The Game of Life" due to go live any day soon, I figured it's about time we wrapped up the blog posts for it.

Here's the final game, "Gift Shop"


That's just some of the items you'll have to pick from to ensure all your family recieve a holiday gift from you.

And on that note, that's it for the development posts for GOL. The next one will be a sexy little url, so after sticking with us for the past couple of months ( Amazing that it's been going that long ) we're almost there.
Rest assured that as soon as it's live you'll all be the first to know.

Ok, back to "Phantom Mansion" ( Now that sounds like another series of development posts ;) ).



Well that title should bring in more traffic.

Anyway, check out this Spectrum emulator, for a retro boy like me, it really is sex. Although a bit dryer and slightly less awkward.


Finally got it out of my system

This is it, the last demo effect I'm going to be doing in as3. There are of course more I'd like to do ( Using a plasma as a texture would be a neat one that springs to mind ) but I guess I should be more productive in an actual game kind of way with my free time, rather than pointless eye candy.

Anyway, enjoy yet another cube variation.

DotVectors.swf (32.28 KB)


"Please sir, can I have some more?"

Of course you can, more cheeky grabs from GOL that is you little trickster.

Here's some action shots from "Souper Bowl", which is possibly the first time I've ever had to code drool for a game ( These firsts are getting rarer, you know you've hit a new low when you've coded a baby messing it's nappy ).

Souper Bowl, it's all it's feeding the homeless glory

Mmmm, look at those bowls of piping hot soup. It's making you hungry isn't it ? Hungry for a bit of Game of life action that is!

Soon, oh so soon.


PS. That could well be the cheesiest, hard sell blog post I've ever done. Which is saying something.


Almost at the money shot

Not posted many updates about "The Game of life" here for a while, so we're well overdue for a catch up.

My "Gift shop" game is done and dusted. It's only a straight forward Mastermind style game, but it plays pretty well and looks great too. I like it as part of the package because it's so different to everything else in there, a slow paced logic game ( Albeit still against the clock ). Fits in there well, and I think it achieves the projects umbrella aim of being able to target as many different players as possible ( Not everyone loves games which use the arrow keys ).

Olli's just finished his final game, currently called "The Day of the Triffids" ( Or Dot ), it's the exact opposite of Gift Shop. Really nice fast paced action using an asteroids style control system to control a lawn mower as you cut the grass and remove unwanted visitors.
I think it's everyone's new favorite game within the set, and a great one to finish on.

So after all this time, and blood and sweat and swearing, we're nearly there. There are some front-end alterations that I've got to make this evening, but purely visual stuff to update the existing images in line with the final ones, and we're ( Touch wood, and I don't mean that in a nob joke way ) gold.

Be so cool to see this bad boy live. Soon my beauties, soon.


35 and still playing with demo effects

Still trying to get my head around as3, it's a saucy little minx alright.

Anyway, he's yet another old school demo effect, and another one I never managed to get working on the Amiga at the time ( Flash just seems to be an outlet for my past failures as a coder ).

Plasma.swf (5.47 KB)

Guess a bit of texture mapping should be next to keep with this theme.

( For a lot more demo style eye-candy check the experiments cat., and to see them all shoved together and wrapped up with plenty of love, check out 651 )


If only there was an open source as3 fps counter. If only...

I've noticed my little frame counter pop up in quite a few peoples games since I included it in a bit of open source, which I do find pretty cool ( I wonder if anyone's used my scroller class ? Doubt it ).

Anyway, I thought it may help someone out there if I posted my as3 version. It's written using Flex as opposed to Flash, so it uses [Embed] to bring the assets into the swf, but I wouldn't have thought getting it working in CS3 would be that much of a mare.

Hopefully it should all be pretty straight forward, it just requires two arguements to get it going. Anyway, enjoy seeing how quick your shiny new as3 code really is. (8.35 KB)


AS3... Not exactly the easy way forward

I've had a bit of down time since Friday, so I thought I should finally look into AS3.

I've heard lot's of comments from fellow game devs. That it's a steep learning curve. Being kinda cock sure I thought "It can't be that bad".

Oh silly silly me.

I remember hating AS2 when I crossed over to that late last year, and loving it now, so I know that AS3 is just going to be the same. That nasty month or two of "If I could do this in AS2 it'd have been done 3 hours ago", and that feeling of going from being pretty good at something to absolute lamer. Never nice.

Anyway the fruits of my labour are below. It's just a re-working of my infinite bobs effect I did a little time ago ( In as1. In an hour ). At least I've managed to convert my fps counter ( Although ensuring it stays on top of all the other mcs / sprites / displayObjects / whatever the hell they're called now, is still a bit beyond me ).
No preloader, as that seems to be a can of worms, but it's less than 13k so it's not an issue with this. Also it's not really a clever clever AS3 speed test, the whole point of the original code was to show you can still do funky things in as1 ( It was a slight backlash against what seemed like everyone at that time acting like as3 was the second coming ).

InfiniteBobs.swf (12.18 KB)


Two of the best little words in the world

"Free bar", "Lesbian twins" and "Signed off".

All perfect phrases, but only one of them is making me smile right now.

Yesterday Souper Bowl was signed off. Sweet.

Really pleased with it actually, it's only a small little game ( But then they all are in this project ), but it plays pretty well and looks great thanks to marmotte jumping in at the 11th hour to reskin it.

At present we're looking ok-ish to hit the deadline. I'm in that fluctuating mood, where every hour it swaps between "Yes, we're actually going to make it", and "Cocking hell, we've got no chance, my to do list looks like War and peace".
The controller is looking good to go, I've got one major thing left to do for the beta delivery tomorrow, then I've got the w/end and Monday to add things like send to a friend and set up the translation handling code correctly.

Also tonight I'm going to dive in and help with the skinning up of "Holding the baby", Olli's painting game, whilst he attempts to get "High Jinx" into a fit state to wow the crowds.

Lot's and lots to do, but feeling almost do-able.