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Flash ? Nah, we're a Wii blog now

Whilst we've been talking about tinkering with Flash on the Wii this month, we've got this handy link that Amy kindly sent us to pimp here, and we appreciate the art of pimping, so here it is

A really excellent list of links which should be a good starting point for anyone wanting to look into the subject more.

I promise we'll be back to normal service soon, it's just that things are waiting for sign off behind the scenes so we're like a swan, serene on the surface but hidden away it's a flurry of activity.
One way or another, there will be at least one new game posted here before the 14th of Feb ( Guess what the theme of that will be ).


Never say quick when it comes to coding ...

So I had a long night yesterday, finishing off some unloved project that I've been delaying for some time now and as some sort of personal reward for being so brave I played a bit with my "play media on the wii" idea...

I had written the service for getting drives, dirs and files a few days ago (don't try this on real a webserver :) ), so I *just* had to do some flash frontend ...

Oh well, I should have known better ....

To give you a basic idea of what I was thinking of, here's a (sized) image:

(icons are just temporary)

I thought that fiddling with scrollbars would be a no-go on the Wii, so I came up with the idea of a dragable "canvas".
So you can click on a drive, which opens the folder list for it, clicking on a folder... you get the point.

Now here starts the tricky part ...
Once I had the drive list done, I noticed that it lists floppy disks and CD/DVD drives, too. I either had to give the drive type when getting the list from the service or don't show them (in both cases this means to mess with the service's code - that for quick and easy).
The next thing I noticed that the service currently doesn't care if a directory is hidden or not (and if it is hidden, I might need to know in my flash file).

Well, it doesn't end there (of course not), because I might need to know some more about the files inside a folder (size is obvious) - oh and what is if there are some more files/folders (say you have a folder with 1000 images or mp3s) ...

That clearly killed my idea of a quick solution, I'll have to heavily modify the service (although I had to do that anyway) and there are some quite important things to consider for the swf (I may have to drop the drag idea).

We will see.