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Flash FullScreenInteractive and Chrome

Look at that for a SEO type subject title, I hate using them and would rather revert to something stupid / flippant, but this is meant to be an actual useful post, so I guess I shouldn't obscure it too much.

We've been having problems with FullScreenInteractive in Chrome since first adding the feature to Outpost 2, it just scaled up wrongly and was basically broken ( You can't even seen the accept / cancel requestor properly ). Damn you PepperPot player and your added weirdness. So here's a couple of gotcha's for you to hopefully save some pain.

Firstly stage.allowsFullScreenInteractive isn't what you'd think. My idea was I'd hit that value up and if it was false then don't bother displaying a full screen button as an option. That would be too simple. Apparently that only returns true if you're already in full screen interactive mode which makes it totally useless as far as I can see ( You could either read stage.displayState or just set a flag in your own code as you kinda know when you've gone full screen ).

Ok, that wasn't really the bug, just a crushing disappointment connected with the whole mechanic. Here's the actual money shot,

"The fullScreenSourceRect property can only be set when Flash Player or AIR is not in full-screen mode. To use this property correctly, set this property first, then set the displayState property to full-screen mode."


When working in either full screen mode you really need to use the fullScreenSourceRect property to enable hardware acceleration. This is just a rect you set to the size of your normal stage, once done your content flies along ( O2 runs the same full screen as it does normally ).

Turns out this was the problem, when I removed the rect call it scaled up correctly in Chrome, but ran like a dog. Let's try adding the rect setting after going into full screen interactive, yeah we're ignoring Adobe's rules, fuck the man.

Hey presto, it all works. The requestor dialog isn't quite central, but it's the same on Safari and to be honest well down the list of things I care about, as I'm sure that's a Flash quirk that I can do nothing about.

There you go, hope that's some help,