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Keeping the wolf from the door

Just a little pre-release bit of news about Orbs, the quick game I've been working on the past week or so. It's all but done now, just adding some sounds and then its time to wrap it up ready to sell.


Little tribute to Taitothere, as they're giving Flash developers some love atm.

Long term readers of the blog may remember another game called Orbs, which featured what could be described as an identical player sprite. It just never saw the light of day, it was one of my first as3 games and I just made a mess of it to the point it was just easier to write it off. But, never waste a good name or a sprite.

It's a funny one to explain this, I've quoted "Rally-X" as being the nearest thing I can think of. It's pac man with a driving mechanic set in Geometry Wars space I guess ( How I can imagine the shit I'm going to get for lack of originality with this one ). Top down racer with no other cars ? I'll have to think of something.

It's not going to set the world alight, it's just 10mins simple switch your brain off fun, and that's enough for me with this one.

Hopefully it won't be too protracted a process to get it live, you can take it as read that I'll mention it when it does.