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Dogtown <insert some dog related joke>

The huge never ending project I did for National Geographic, "DogTown", has ended.


We produced 5 mini-games for it which had to fit in an already written wrapper which managed all 9 of the dogs as the went through the vets getting better with a view to being re-homed ( It's based on some tv show apparently ).


In the need to be diplomatic now and again, I'll just say it was an unusual development process. I actually finished on it in November with the client employing 3 on-site coders to finish it off ( And that's not due to me being crap I hasten to add ).

That's about it really. I'm trying to tether my usual blunt and honest write ups on projects, as I don't want to even go down that route with this. I've not played the final version and seeing how you have to pay to download it I never will. I think a developer not caring enough to even see how there game(s) turned out speaks volumes.

I've done better.

Here's the link more for historical preservation rather than expecting anyone to go and buy it.