Gaming Your Way

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All mine, ALL MINE!

Nothing really new so here's at least something to look at ...

After a good deal of non game related stuff (some WBTs, a lot of non game flash stuff) I finally found the time (and motivation) to continue on Calisto Eclipse my current private joy project, although I must admit that the joy part has left me untill just recently.

There was some oh so boring serverside stuff to do, plus some database layout and it's still not done at all, because I really wanted to have a working game at some point.
Finally the action mode gameplay is working 100%, I just need to fill in the 150+ levels in order to provide at least some sort of progress (just fiddling with times and percentages for a certain tile type, so no real magic behind this).

Story mode needs yet to be "coded", although it just uses things I've done already for the action mode (with some minor variations, so I can create things like "build x structures with size y."

Today was paint the medal day so I thought it might also be a good thing to give you a quick glance at them:


There are 12 of them all nicely linked to myw (the other thing that dragged me down a good deal).

I guess that's me for now again, but I think it'll be nice to add an ingame screenie too, so here it is:

(scaled down)

Lets just hope I get that done before I die ...