Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Like a record baby.

It feels like forever since we last caught up. How have you been ? Yeah I'm good thanks, that rash is finally going. What's that ? Yeah, it did smell of fish quite badly.

Anyway time to pimp a project I guess. This is one of the two that seemed to take forever to get live. This one is for Beyblades.



This isn't really our project, so I don't feel a great deal of connection to it. Our mate Elliot at asked us to join the party when it was under development. From memory I did a fair bit of the server > Flash stuff ( Check me out, I'm like a proper grown up coder rather than someone wasting their life with games ), the top and tails and the card selection screen.

As to the game itself, would it make you think less of me if I said I didn't actually play it ? It just seems mental and as I was working on this, the other game which I need to see is live, plus Outpost, I skimmed over it. It's really nicely put together, I just don't have the attention span, although you should check it out for yourself, here.

And that's it about BeyBlade. Quite nice doing a project where you're not responsible for gameplay, doing that a couple of times a year would be a pleasant change, and all the team who worked on it were a joy, so all good.